Thursday, 16 July 2009


Last Thursday my friends Hillary and Emma came over for dinner. I cooked my favourite dish of the moment, coconut chicken with cucumber and red onion salad. It is a dish I first discovered from Good Food Magazine last summer. Click here to see my post from last year.

It was so good to see the girls. We were all so tired though. I wish other commitments and work didn't always get in the way of doing what you want!

Hillary brought me these gorgeous flowers. I love having fresh flowers in the house. I have noticed that I have more living plants in the house at the moment and I am loving coming home each evening and watering my herbs, which sit on my window ledge. It has been so humid though that if I forget to do it my mint looks half dead by the following evening. The mint is thriving and my thyme also has flowers on it. The only one that is not doing so well is sage. Not sure what to do with it so it grows as well as the others.

I am giving away my secrets here but when I have been taking round flowers to friends or family recently I have taken to buying them from the supermarket- they are much cheaper and seem to last longer (probably lots of chemicals- oh well!)

I bought a huge pack of tissue paper in all sorts of colours from Costco and I have used this to wrap the flowers, always complimenting the paper with the colours of the flowers.

I stripped down these roses and tied them in a bouquet so when my recipient took them out of the tissue they looked like they had come from a florist and they only cost me £4.47!! Genius! but now everyone knows they will know how thrifty I am being! oops!

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