Friday, 24 July 2009

Summer Party

Yesterday we had our work summer party. We left work at 3pm and continued on through to the wee small hours. It was lots of fun but boy am I suffering today!

Our theme was English Summer Party so there were lots of floral dresses, fasinators and hats. The boys were pretty well turned out too!
On the barge, where we have our conference room, before we set off. All the girlies in their florals!
We were split into teams and sent off on a mission to complete tasks and drink lots! There were 9 in our group. It was good meeting new people that I had never spoken to before. The way our building is laid out you never really meet new people unless they are on your floor or you work on a project with them. In our final destination, the Street before we went to the Hawke and Hunter, our venue for the evenings activities. We were welcomed to the Secret Garden with a glass of Pimms.
I'm slightly tipsy by this point but you can see my outfit a little better. I have had this in my wardrobe for about 3 years and only wore it for the first time yesterday. I had lots of outfits that would have fit the bill but nothing that was floral so I opted for this as it was the brightest and most summery looking of all my dresses.
The band that played in the Hawke and Hunter Secret Garden were called Black Diamond Express and they were a fantastic 8 piece band. Click here to hear their music.

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