Monday, 20 July 2009

Relaxing Sunday

On Sunday Nathan and I had a very lazy day. Saturday had been a bit crazy as I had been working for an event on Saturday morning and Nathan had training, then I had babysitting on Saturday night.

So Sunday we walked down to the west end to Indigo Yard and sat outside and had breakfast. It was so nice. We read the papers and relaxed. On the walk home- because we hadn't stuffed our faces enough we stopped for a frappacino (coffee light!)

When we got back the cricket was on, as was the golf so Nathan and I snuggled up with yet more snacks and watched the sport unfold. I then drifted off and slept for almost 5 hours!! I think it was the cricket!! (not the most exciting game in the world!)
When I woke up Tom Watson was still in the lead. I so so wanted him to win but no such luck. Poor man. He lost it at the 18th and he had no more energy for the play off. Such a shame.

And finally I cooked the dinner (see my previous post) so not very much excitement but a much needed rest!

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