Wednesday, 1 July 2009

British Citizenship

Yesterday my South African friends Ryan and Herculine became British citizens. They went to a citizenship ceremony yesterday afternoon and pledged to the Queen and her successors.

Ryan even took a wee picture of Herculine next to the portrait of the Queen. I was one of their witnesses in their applications as I have known them for a good number of years. Herculine is such a great friend and we have stayed close ever since we worked at LIQUIDe (Red Bull) They are both so hard working and contribute so much to all that know them.

To celebrate they invited some friends round for Pimms and lemonade- yummy! and some strawberries- a true British Summer time refresher! Herculine also made some delicious nibbles and awesome dip!

I forgot my camera- idiot! I left it in work so sadly couldn't get any pictures of the evening. It was great to see everyone and catch up. Some of the friends there I hadn't seen for AGES!

The only disappointing thing was being surrounded by South Africans after we lost the Lions test to them!! They didn't let me forget it!!

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