Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Royal Highland Show

On Sunday Nathan and I went to the Royal Highland Show as I had promotional staff working there signing up the public to Go Greener. After I had done my official duties Nathan and I had a good wonder round. We watched a bit of the show jumping and enjoyed looking at the goats, sheep, cows and pigs... it was like being a kid again!
Nathan petting the goats- they did look a little evil so I stayed away! But they seemed very affectionate!
These little pigs were fighting with the two larger pigs over the fence and whilst we were there they were getting the better of them- biting the big pigs ears etc... quite comical and entertaining- well we thought so!!
I love Highland cows- their long fringes that cover all of their faces.
I really liked the colour of this cow- nice with the caramel and the white.

When we left the Highland Show we got pulled into this HUGE long line of traffic that ended up bringing us out by the M8 (for those that don't know it's away from the direction of our home) so we decided since we were half way there we'd go to Livingston for Wagamamma- I love their restaurants and since we don't have one in Edinburgh it was a tasty treat! Look at our noodles- YUM!

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Heidi said...

Nathan looks so handsome in that picture. I love his glasses and what a great jacker...loving your life my dear!!