Thursday, 25 June 2009

My ideal house!

The other night Nathan and I were talking about what we would have in our ideal house over and above the bedrooms and living room that we currently have. If we had more space! What our house would look like and what rooms etc we would want. I thought it would be kind of fun to find some pictures that best depicted what I would like in the future.... I tell you what I am going to have to work very hard to get it!! I would love a big country kitchen with a central unit that people can lean against and chat. I'd also like to have a big family table in the kitchen that everyone can eat at/ work at.. and maybe a fireplace with some armchairs to cosy into to in the winter. I'd like the kitchen to be big enough for living in.
For the Summer I'd love to have a porch (not usual in the UK due to the wet!) but I'd love to have a porch with a swing to sit on in the morning with a coffee and also in the evening with a G&T!I still dream of having a little house/ shed in my garden which will be home to all my craft materials and somewhere for me to work where I can fully submerse myself in my own wee creative world!
With Nathan and his rugby kit and future animals and mess I would love to have a mud room that was nicely heated... so when you came into the house you would feel warm and toasty and wet shoes would dry quickly!
On the same note as the mud room I'd love a laundry room which would look like this. The reality would probably be that my laundry room would be a total mess and still packed full of laundry. But isn't it pretty!? It's similar colours to our second bedroom. I'd love to have a bath- we only have a shower in our flat but since this is my dreams there are no limits so lets say a jacuzzi with a sea view!!

And finally (although there are so many other things I would love if money were no object) here is a lovely wet room. This is very like something that Nathan also talked about having. I think this would be great as a en suite although I'd have to have my jacuzzi bath in there somewhere too! Ah! I can but dream!!

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Heidi said...

I LOVE this post - so beautifully enchanting. My favorite part is your cottage craft room - you need that - you would make magic happen there!! Love you my darling!