Monday, 8 June 2009

Craig and Jill Smith's Wedding

I know a number of you who follow my blog always want to know about accessorizes for my outfits. So just for you here is my outfit for the wedding Nathan and I attended on Friday. To be honest I pulled it together at the last minute from various other outfits that I have worn over the years.

I first wore my dress to my friend Kate's wedding in January 05. We were going to the evening event only so I thought I could get away with a dark colour in the evening. I added the coral to bring it a bit more up to date and I even had my nails painted a bright orange colour!

Gav, Colin, Kells, Pete, Craig (the Groom) and Nathan
Jill and Craig. Nathan used to play rugby with Craig who is now based in France. When we were in Paris in December we met up with them for a drink. They are both lovely and such down to earth people- Jill was so easy to talk to and we ended up gabbing away all night. Their wedding was filled with family and friends who all spoke so highly of them. I chatted outside to the Groom's Mother, Meg for ages- she was brilliant fun!
Craig and Jill's first dance. Jill had done an amazing job with the venue. It looked beautiful!
Nathan and I.
The dance floor was packed all night and I was so sad I missed out on the photo op of Gav and Nathan and their air guitars!! he he!
Pete, Craig, Nathan and Gav near the end of the night- can you tell!?

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Heidi said...

You look so pretty...i love the picture of your accessories...fabulous!!