Monday, 8 June 2009

Thursday night with the girls.

I made little chocolates by melting the dark chocolate and sprinkling with pistachio nuts and also melting white chocolate and topping with coconut. So simple but very delicious!
At the Taste festival last Sunday I bought a Sushi making kit (I love my kitchen gadgets- a trait I take from my Grandma Ellen!) The guy demonstrating it was great fun and it made it look so easy so I invested with the idea that it is good for cheap summer food as well as lunches.

When I bought my kit he throw in some seaweed wrap but you can buy it at most supermarkets in the UK- Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsburys etc. I then made a batch of Sushi rice up the night before (Sushi rice is more starchy then normal rice but you could use regular white rice)

The kit works using a template which you place your seaweed wrap in and then fill half with rice. You then create a trough with one of the gadgets and fill with your desired filling. I had smoked salmon, tuna (from a can as some people can be fussy about uncooked fish) and cooked prawns, my veg was avocado and cucumber which went brilliantly, then you top with more rice and then wrap it together and then slice.

I will do another post to show how easy it is! This was the final result! The heart shaped sushi was more successful than other shapes as it was tighter and stayed together well.
I used a sushi plate set my Mum bought me in Crate and Barrell years ago but have never used until now! It worked so well! I used the smaller dishes for the wasabi and the pickled ginger.
Apart from a few slices of pizza we were pretty healthy and Becky made some delicious salads and crudities and the other girls brought some great nibbles.
Becky trying some Sushi. She tried the prawn and tuna.
The not so healthy part of the evening! Although Zaz had no carbs all night! Such discipline!!

Becky, Zara, Corinne and Hannah. Poor Hillary was sick with tonsillitis. We all settled down and watched the Big Brother opening night after dinner- very sad but it has to be done!

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Heidi said...

Oh Jennie - those are ubelievable!! I don't think I have ever seen heart shaped sushi in my life!! Wow!! I LOVED this post - your friends are SO LUCKY to have you!!!