Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The Taste Festival

We have been totally spoilt over the last 5 days. Sun sun and more sun! But I don't want to jinks it!Picture from the Cruz boat looking onto the dock at the Shore.

Friday night we left work a little early as our boss treated us to a drink at Cruz (a boat based at the foot of the Water of Leith near our office) the atmosphere was great as everyone was in summer mood. You have to make the most of it in Scotland as it doesn't happen often!

Nathan and his workmates came and meet me and after a few more G&Ts we headed to the Taste festival. I was disappointed to have missed Hugh but there was plenty of restaurant stands selling amazing food as well as a farmers market and lots of bars.

We had great courvoisier cocktails when we came in and then my food highlights were in order of dish...

Starter -Tiger Lily's Salmon, haddock and watercress fishcakes with mustard mayo

Main - Vin Caffe's Bistecca alla griglia: char-grilled slices of Aberdeen Angus rib-eye steak served medium rare, drizzled with V&C Condimento (Balsamic Vinegar) with freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano.

Dessert- Chocolate torte and marscapone cream at Ricks.

... we tried lots of different dishes each and I think Nathan's highlight was Rick's Pork Belly.Nathan's work mate Richie enjoying his cigar.We met up with Wendy and Ed and Ed's brother, Charlie who was over from Argentina as well as Ed's friends from France.Ed and Wendy

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Heidi said...

My mouth is seriously watering...YUM!!! Sounds like a blast! I KNOW you will be getting lots of use out of your card. Keep us updated on the great deals you get!!!