Thursday, 18 June 2009

Bra Decoration!

Last night Emma came round and we did our Moonwalk bra decoration. It was so much fun! I haven't gotten into my craft boxes in ages and I forgot how much I missed it. I need so badly to catch up with my scrapbooking but I guess my blogging has taken over from that!
Nathan took a picture of us when he came back from the gym. He is standing on the sofa so it looks like it is taken from the rafters!
Emma went for a pink theme as we are walking for breast cancer and played on the pink ribbon idea and sewed on lots of lovely pink bows- I love her feathers too although we think they might annoy her on the night as even when we were taking the pictures so was being tickled!

We both used ribbons as our material and all of them were from my craft box- a lot of them were from presents given to me over the years and bits I had collected so it was great to recylce them.
My bra almost completed... I think it looks a bit like an Easter Egg decoration!
Emma and I having fun decorating our bras... I think I prefer this over the clothes look- I am going to have to get my wobbly bits out on Saturday- eek!
The Final look. I have added flower embellishments on the bottom and straps of the bra as well as little bows over the cup. I decided not to put anything on the back elastic as this might hinder my comfort. Hopefully it won't rub and I will be comfortable through the 26 miles.

I was almost finished all my ribbon and then I found the pink and brown ribbon at the bottom of a embellishment bag. My friend Heidi beautifully tied my birthday present with this last year and I thought it was very fitting to have it on my bra as my little lucky charm! So Heidi you really will be right there with me!!

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Heidi said...

I thought I recognized that I read through the post, my heart was warmed by your sweet comment!! How the heck am I so lucky to know you....for real!!! Go get 'em girl!!