Monday, 8 June 2009

Sunday evening walk!

Last week I managed to misplace my trainers so apart from a 5 mile walk with Emma on Tuesday I was unable to do much training this week. I get blisters with so many shoes, but I got my trainers (running shoes) back yesterday afternoon (I left them at babysitting) so off I trotted for an evening stroll along the canal.
I am loving the good weather we are still having (although this weekend the days weren't that great but the evenings seemed to brighten up)
I love all the boats up by Harrison park and it makes for such an enjoyable stroll!
Emma and I saw these swans with their signets on Tuesday too- they are so cute and fluffy but you have to be careful of the parents as they can be very protective.

I now have less than 2 weeks left to go and I am going to have to do some serious training this week as the lost trainers meant I couldn't partake in the 16 mile training walk over the weekend... bring it on!!!

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