Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Saturday Brunch

Nibbles and Treats for watching the rugby.
Sausage balls with vine tomatoes.
My Mum used to make this brunch salad when I was younger and so as we were having Nathan's Parents and Ramin round to watch the Lions Rugby game I thought I'd give it a try.

The idea is to make everything bite sized. I skinned some butchers sausages and cut them into small pieces and then rolled them into mini meatball sizes. I put these under the grill with the vine tomatoes. Then in a pan I cooked Lardons (small pieces of chopped bacon) and black pudding that I had also cut into cubes.

Once all this was ready I added it to a green salad and topped with croutons and a poached egg so that when you cut into it the yolk ran into the salad yum!

Nathan is trying to do no or very low carbs so he had no croutons and also had vegetable crudites for his snack. (Although I think he may have sneaked a few chips too!)

The salad was a success and I think I will def make it again.

The Lions sadly lost but came back after a bad start so it is looking good for the next test!

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