Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Back at the Taste Festival!

On Sunday I was back at the Taste festival helping out my friend Carine. Click here to see her blog. She works for the LIST magazine and they had a stand at the Taste festival promoting their 2 for 1 LIST Card at the bargain price of £20 (it's usually £35)- see you missed out folks!
I was working on the stand with Colin, Frances (who goes out with my friend John- she is great fun) and Amy who was running the stand.

It wasn't really like working! We all did the 2 sessions on the Sunday. One from 11.30- 3.30 and then the next from 4.30-8.30.

It was so sunny and during the hour break they clear the festival ground of the public for the next session but it looked just as full as all the staff came out of their tents and you saw the chefs and kitchen staff catching some rays!

But the best thing about the day is that we all got 2 for 1 LIST cards for helping out. I can't wait to use mine. You can go to over 100 restaurants in Edinburgh and Glasgow and book a table and tell them you have a LIST card and you can get 50% off up to a 3 course meal for 2! Brilliant! Click here to find out more.

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