Monday, 8 June 2009

New Purchase

Back in April I wrote about a few summer items I would love to purchase.

One was a good quality white leather slouchy bag for the summer as I have a great black winter bag that I have used faithfully for the last 4 winter seasons but each summer I have bought a cheapish white bag and they never last!

I had seen this lovely bag in Gap but I noticed it had money off in the states and it's also 2/3 cheaper due to the dollar! I had hoped that my Mum could purchase it when she was there but there were none left!!

Well thankfully all was not lost. I was in the local shopping centre near to my work last Tuesday and I found the bag on 50% off in Gap!! Hooray!

It was still expensive but I had an overnight babysitting job on the Saturday night previous so I was able to spend my money on a treat! Always nice!!

So I now have my bag for the summer- I just have to try and keep it clean!

1 comment:

Heidi said...

Oh Jennie - I love that - seriously it is so classic, trendy and HOT all in one!