Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Saturday Brunch

Again this weekend we all piled round to Becky's to watch the second game of the Lions test- unfortunately the Lions lost the game in the final moments! Boo! which means we haven't won the 3 game test! Nathan had some of the boys round to ours but I went round to catch up with Hillary and her boyfriend, My Dad and Dougie and Becky. Becky cooked sausages and bacon and Hills brought smoked salmon bilinis and I made waffles (so many waffles!) We didn't think all the food would be eaten but we managed to get through it no bother- even the pile of waffles!
We also had Bucks Fizz (Orange and Champagne)
Midway through the game the girls got a little distracted as they painted their nails!
I took what remained of the waffles home and treated Nathan to an afternoon snack!

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Heidi said...

Those waffles are so cute!! Sounds like the perfect day!!