Friday, 12 June 2009

Tough week!

This week has been a bit crazy! My boss is on holiday for the first time since I started my job and for some reason everything seems to have come out the woodwork this week! My in box is insane! No normal person could do this much work even if they were able to function 24/7!!

I have also still been suffering from my migraines! Rubbish! I really think I need to go back to the doctor and get it seen to. I can either take migraleve- which doesn't always work or the horse tranquilisers that the doctor gave me (they aren't actually horse pills but I bet they'd knock one out!!)

There is another option that I could cut out all cheese, coffee, caffeine (including tea!!!) and of course alcohol as well as ensuring I drink more water and get more sleep... then there is the issue of trying to eliminate stress!! mmmm.....

TGI Friday!!


Carine said...

well i've said it before and i'll say it again.... you WILL insist on working in advertising! :D

have a relaxing weekend lovely xx

Heidi said...

Oh dear Jennie!! Bless your heart!