Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Dinner at the Witchery

On Monday night my Mum treated us all to dinner at the Witchery. Some of you might remember that we were there last November for Nathan's Dad's birthday. This time we were sat in the Rectory (which is much darker and more atmospheric!) Mind you it was so dark my Mum had to pick up the table candle to read the menu!!

Our table settings- I know it's very sad that I take so many pictures of things like this but would you expect anything else!?
A picture of the dining room (my camera is not focusing very well for some reason!)
My Mum trying to read her menu by candle light- it was very atmospheric in the dining room!
My selection of deserts!! Yum! No wonder I'm not dropping any weight even though I'm walking lots!
Dougie, Bob and Nathan.
Mum, Me, Becky and Dad at the Witchery.
Outside the Witchery- Nathan, Dougie, Becky, my Mum and Dad

We had a great evening and it was lovely to meet my Mum's friend Bob Eccles. He is a Professor at Harvard and he was very keen to hear about our views on Scotland as a nation. I have often heard my Mum talk about the work she has done with Bob and his team so it was great to finally meet him.


Heidi said...

Ahhh - love it!! Eating at that resturaunt is officially on my list of things to do!!! Wow!

Heidi said...

Oh - I love your top too...fab-o!!