Friday, 12 June 2009

Cupcakes have arrived!

Well Cupcakes have officially landed in mainstream UK culture!!

I was in M&S at lunch time and they have a new range of cupcakes. I feel a bit sorry for bespoke cupcake makers as M&S are, as ever are selling them for the very competitive price of £2.99 for four. Waitrose have been selling cupcakes at their bakery counters since 2007 but now that Markies are on the cupcake wagon I'd say the UK are set to go cupcake tastic!

Click here to read a wee article about cupcakes in the UK.

I also had a very tasty salad made of wheatberries and Giant Couscous- I am now in LOVE with giant couscous!! Does anyone (Carine?) know where I can buy this from?


Carine said...

haha :D

they also call this israeli couscous - i'm afraid i don't really like it (too big and pasta-like) so i'm not too sure where to get it but i'd try real foods? or actually, tesco have a really good wholefoods sections these days so i'd give them a bash too...


Heidi said...

Start your cupcake shop NOW!!!!!!! I love you!! I'm sure yours are better then ANY of theirs!!