Monday, 15 June 2009

Planning my Bra Decoration!

With only a week left till my Moonwalk I got organized for my final bits and peices this weekend- I bought a bum bag, blister free socks (here's hoping!!) and most importantly I got to planning the decoration for my bra! I am planning on using lots of ribbons and some embellishments that I have in my mass supply of craft products. I'm thinking this is the best idea as we are walking at night and the weather has gotten chillier in the last week so if I decorate with ribbon I can put a hoodie or zip up top on over it- should I get cold.
This is my plan. I am going to attach (stitch and glue) the ribbon onto the bra and then have the flowers on the straps. The bows will then be attached to the waist band of my trousers.
So Emma and I (and hopefully Hillary) are doing bra decoration on Wednesday night so I'll post some photos of the finished product.

Poor Hills has tonsillitis and is worried she won't be okay for the weekend (sniff, sniff) keep your fingers crossed she'll make a good recovery!

And finally thank you to all of you who have sponsored me already- I am so grateful for anything you can give- it all goes to a good cause! If you haven't sponsored me yet then please go to Thank you!!


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if you haven't checked it out before look at you'll love it. it's right up your street.

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