Monday, 20 July 2009

Tasty Tea

We were lucky enough to have another veg box delivered to us from Nathan's parents this weekend. We got more courgettes, turnips, green beans and look at the garlic. It tasted amazing!!
My favourite dinner is one Nathan taught me- garlic, ginger and chilli salmon. It doesn't look that amazing but it tastes unbelievable. After cutting up the fresh garlic, ginger and chilli I place them on top of 2 salmon fillets wrapped in tin foil.
I make tin foil (aluminium) squares for the salmon. Sprinkle some sesame seeds over and also a little soya sauce. Scrunch the foil together to close the parcel and cook for 20 mins at 180*C.
If you don't do hot then you can discard the chillies as they've done their job flavouring the salmon. Nathan and I leave them on as we love a bit of spice. I served the salmon with green beans from Lily and Neil's allotment.
I also made rhubarb crumble with custard. I never took an after shot but here is my freshly cooked rhubarb. I stewed it with ginger and sugar- YUM!


Michael Bouldry said...

I made Nathan's salmon recipe for me and Kathleen last night. Best results I've ever had for fish--it was excellent!
Thanks! Michael

beth said...

This salmon looks great - I think I'll try cooking it tonight on a barbecue.