Thursday, 9 July 2009

Ralph and McLauchlan Wedding

When my sister was growing up she had a great group of friends. Guys and girls together they were all close. As the older sister I remember them coming round to our house and chatting about all the things you do when you are a teenager. One of her close male friends, Rab was always such a sweetheart- a kind and genuine guy. Well yesterday he got married to his beautiful wife Nicola and Nathan and I were kindly invited to the evening reception. Becky, Rab and Annabelle along with their friends Sarah (Mags) and Mark were all close.
Nicola and Rab dancing to the first song of the night. Nicola looked stunning and I wish I had got better photos of them dancing- I loved her dress. She is so petite and looked gorgeous! Nicola and Rab dancing with their families and the Bridesmaid, Nicola's sister and Best Man.
Nathan and I
Annabelle, who is 34 weeks pregnant looked beautiful in her new maternity dress (She also had a pillar box red hat and pashmina) along with her husband Pete. We attended their wedding last June in St Andrews.
Mark and Zara. Zara had just returned from holiday with her family in the South of Spain which Becky had also been on. Like me Zaz gets kisses from the sun (freckles) where as Becky goes so dark!
Dougie and Becky
All the bad boys! Nathan, Pete, Dougie, Mark, Scott (Rab's brother in law) and Hendy.

Hendy was very excited to touch Annabelle's baby bump and was keen to feel it kick.
My favourite part of weddings is the Scottish Country Dancing. I am not quite sure what Mark and Becky are doing in the picture above but it's meant to be the Gay Gordons. (the names of the dancing were made up before certain slang terminology came along!)
Zara and Pete dancing the Gay Gordons.
Becky, Rab and me.
Annabelle, Mark, Zara and Pete
Me, Dougie and Becky with Nathan in the back.. I am not sure what we are giggling at!
The boys were playing drinking games at the bar and Hendy always seemed to lose!
Zara, Me (we got caught in the rain so my hair was a bit weird!) Becky and Annabelle.
Nathan and I
Strip the Willow was the last Scottish Country Dance at the end of the night. It was brilliant fun but as always it gets a bit crazy! (I am also not sure what I was thinking with the shiny tights- oh well!)

We had a brilliant time at Nicola and Rab's wedding and I think it shows through the photos.... I have about 100 more shots all equally as joy filled. I was really struck by how much love they have for each other, how loved they are by their friends and how close both of them are to their families- I think that these things are always a good sign of a strong future together!

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