Thursday, 16 July 2009

Peas and Veg Boxes!

Nathan's parents are again supplying us with veggie boxes that they are harvesting from their allotment. The veggies are so delicious- especially the potatoes- yum!

I am not a huge fan of peas but this is largely due to the frozen variety being so much less delicious than the fresh variety.

I love shelling peas too- so therapeutic! Nathan and I were sat shelling peas for our dinner last night and he was telling me it used to be his sister and his job when they were younger and their Mum was prepping dinner. I have a more romantic image in my head of sitting on a Southern American porch with a cold glass of lemonade shelling peas for dinner- maybe one day!

Last night Nathan made a tasty Spanish omlette with peas, bacon, potatoes, onion etc. It was very delicious and used up cold potatoes that we cooked for our dinner the other night.

Last week we had a dish that I made with very similar ingredients also with courgettes , chicken and rosemary made into a risotto. The risotto was delicious with rosemary!

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