Thursday, 22 May 2008


This time last year Nathan and I took a 5 day trip to Barcelona... it was amazing!! We'd only been together 7 months and it was our first break away... we rented the cutest little apartment in a trendy area called the El Borne (think I spelt it right!)

We did everything!! We traveled round on the tour buses and just about got off at every stop! We ate seafood at the market, accompanied with a bottle of Cava- yum! Saw all the wonderful architecture. We went to the most fantastic seafood restaurant which was over 100 years old- we started diner at 11.45pm and ate a huge platter of amazing seafood... it was really special.

At the end of our five day break I came home and Nathan stayed out for a rugby 7's tournament (the reason we'd picked Barcelona)

This year he's back out there again for the rugby tournament and left yesterday. (Massive mix up- as he thought his flight was today, but luckily checked his e-mail yesterday morning and his flight was booked for last night!!! Why are men always so organized!! ;-)

The rest of the guys don't get out there until tonight or tomorrow so he's had some time to wonder around and soak up the sites... He just phoned me from the top of the cable car where we'd had a lovely moment last year and it made me so sad that I'm not there too!!

But we made a promise last year that when the Sagrada Familia, Gaudi's famous church is finished (in about 26 years!- they started construction in the 1880's!) we will def return... I have a feeling we'll be back before then!

Here are some of our photos from last year... warm fuzzy memories! La Sagrada Familia; One of the Gaudi buildings; Fruit at the market, Seafood; Modern coloured roof conversion; Nathan in the El Borne area; the view from our apartment.

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Heidi said...

I am often blown away by the gorgeous photos you post!!