Monday, 5 May 2008

Sunshine and Preparation!!

After spending last week out in the elements... enjoying the sun but mostly hiding from the rain.. I have loved the last two days- glorious sunshine!! At long last!!

We've opened our windows up for the first time and it feels so nice! (although I'm sure the moths are using this to their advantage and sneaking in!!)

It's been a bank holiday here today. Nathan didn't have the day off but was let away early so we sat in our window and soaked up some rays.

I was also finishing off my presentation for tomorrows interview... eek! It's all going well and I really enjoyed the mock brief that they gave me. Here's hoping they like it!!

I know someone else was in on Friday so I've def got competition! Keep your fingers crossed! x

1 comment:

carine said...

what's all this about ad agencies and mock briefs?!! i want to know!! which agency?? xx