Thursday, 15 May 2008

Boo Hiss!

Well it's been an emotional roller coaster of a week!

On Monday I was left a message by the agency to say that some work had come up so they hadn't had a chance to finalize their decision but they hadn't forgotten about me... so I was relieved I was still in the running!

Then yesterday morning the lady from the agency phoned to say that I had gotten down to the last 2 candidates but unfortunately even though I had many great attributes to bring to their company they had decided to go with someone who had agency experience!!

Very disappointed as I am a very fast learner and can really hit the ground running but I understand their reasoning!

So it's back to the drawing board! I am definitely keen to try and pursue the Advertising Agency route as I really enjoyed hearing about their projects and I loved doing the presentation for my interview.... I just have to find the place that's meant for me!!


Lark said...

I remember when my hubby Kevin was the last of two people in a job running. They told him they liked him the best but they were going with the other guy because he could guarentee to be there for 2 years whereas we weren't if we'd still stay in town (and he'd been truthful about that). We were so dissapointed and thought it would have been the perfect job opportunity.

Well, turns out that God had a plan in mind because his dream job opened up a few months later and it hadn't been possible before. He's been working there for 7 years now. Yay!

I know that there's something out there waiting for you! I'll pray that it comes your way soon :o)

Emma B said...

Hey Jennie, sorry to hear about the job, but remember, "What's for you won't come by you!"

I had that interview for that PR agency in Leith, and they took aaages to get back to me, you get to the stage you just need to know don't you?
Anyway, well glad I didn't get that now. There's a better job just around the corner.

Emma B