Monday, 26 May 2008

What a difference a day makes!

Well I have so much to update on my blog but it's already half eleven and I have to get some sleep as I am starting a new job tomorrow!! Hooray!! It's only three weeks work but who knows what else it may lead to!!

Last week I had my list of things to do and I was ploughing on with them- greatly helped by the fact Nathan left early for Barcelona... so by Friday I was almost at the end of my jobs to do list. Whilst I was waiting on some call backs I got a call from the lovely lady at the agency that I interviewed with. She said it wasn't the dept I'd interviewed for but one of the other parts of the company needed someone for 3 weeks and wondered if I was interested... so I jumped at the chance and went in to interview with them for the 5th time!!

Really it was just a formality this time... so I am signed up until the 12th of June which is 'hand in day'- so it's going to be pretty stressful and I am quite nervous if truth be told... but it's good to challenge yourself!!

So I start tomorrow!! Eek! I went today and bought a new note book and pencil case!! Just like I'm starting back to school!! Almost bought Nathan and I matching lunch boxes (plain Tupperware ones before you think I'm going totally off my head on the school nostalgia!! )

I've also got a really good contact at another agency who phoned me back on Friday so I'm going to ensure although I'm going to put my all into these 3 weeks I'm not going to drop any of the other opportunities because as much as I want them to turn round and make it permanent after I finish this project they might also have no vacancies... so as my mother has advised me... I'm not putting all my eggs in one basket!!

But for now I'm going to concentrate on the job at hand and I'm determined to show them what I'm made of!!

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