Monday, 19 May 2008

Thank goodness for Betty Crocker!

Two weekends ago, the 10th of May, it was my Dad's birthday... I was meant to have the day off but last minute I was asked to work for the 'Race for Life' promotion and I couldn't say no to the pennies... so I went up to Perth and got back only 1 1/2 hours before we went to dinner.

I'd agreed with Becky that I'd make the cake- she had sneaked down to the house on the Friday night when my Dad was out and decorated a breakfast table and got him balloons, the works!... I had plans to make a fabulous cake but ended up with no time...

So thank goodness for Betty Crocker! I made a delicious Chocolate Devils food cake with chocolate icing!! I whisked it together put it in the oven whilst I showered. Let it cool whilst I blow dried my hair and had it decorated before we left for the restaurant!!

In the end the restaurant- The Glasshouse, in Musselburgh was too nice for my wee cake so we saved it for Sunday night but I was very impressed with my multitasking!!

Dinner was lovely at the Glasshouse- very tasty! Both the boys were away so it was Mum, who was up for the weekend, Dad, Becky, Me and my Grandma. Then on Sunday the boys and Beck and I went down to the house for dinner- where we devoured the cake!!

Grandma Ellen and myself; Nathan and I; the cake; Becky and Mum singing happy birthday to Dad! Dad's garden with his balloons; Becky, Dad and I; the pond in the garden; Dougie doing the dishes!

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nice page and nice writing! i enjoyed it!