Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Culinary delights!

After my afternoon in the sun I came home and prepared a tasty tea.

My old flatmate and friend, Hannah was coming round. I was very happy in the kitchen cooking some fabulous food for us.

Nathan and I did a huge shop at the weekend, as well as our beef joint we also got a rack of lamb. I've never cooked this before but thankfully it came with instructions to follow (pity I needed Nathan to point out to me that it was 20 minutes per 430g not just 20 minutes all in!! ooops!)

So we had;

Starter: Courgette, mushroom and mozzarella tart accompanied with a garden salad
Main: Rosemary and garlic rack of lamb on a bed of apricot, coriander and pine nut couscous

Quite liking my descriptions!!

I took some photos- Hannah thought this was quite amusing! But it looked good I was impressed with myself! (with a little help from Nathan on the timings and as chief maker of couscous!)

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