Saturday, 17 May 2008

Thanks for all the lovely comments, phone calls and nice texts etc that I've had from everyone! Always cheers you up to hear from friends!!

The agency were really complimentary about my skills and me as an individual so my ego isn't too bruised!- just disappointed!

But onwards and upwards!

I met Pete, from Foodieboxes on Friday for lunch and we've formulated a good plan for the summer. I am really keen to get going!! I also have a list all worked out of who else to contact so next week I have a mission!! ... and I'm all organized!!

I've also packed my fridge full of healthy foods (and 'nourishing food' as my friend Emma H would say- meaning quite calorific but in a good way!! Think Avocados, Mozorella etc... it's all healthy in moderation!) So I'm going to cook loads this week and get to the gym too!!

I'm starting off tonight roasting a beef joint and I'm either (haven't decided quite yet!) going to have it sliced in a salad with oriental thai sauce or in slices with horseradish and salad.....

But I better decide soon as that's my timer telling me it's ready!!

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