Thursday, 8 January 2009

After Eight's in the Bailie!

Sunday 28th- We joined a big group of friends from the Rugby club for lunch at 1pm. There were about 15 of us there and lunch soon turned into an afternoon in the pub. We had loads of fun! The Bailie is a great pub in Stockbridge with a real log fire and they let dogs in so Dan and Emily were able to bring Murphy in to join in the fun! Now I am not questioning why, but just before Christmas Nathan bought new clothes consisting of: a pair of dungarees, 4 lumberjack shirts and big boots!!!! I don't know if there is an impending move to the country that I don't know about but he loves his new look so who am I to say anything!! But I have not had to as all the boys- his school friends that he saw on Christmas Eve and the rugby boys we were out to lunch with have made fun of his clothing choice! But he's a good sport and when everyone insisted that he wear his dungarees on the outside of his shirt he obliged- Emily even added a red napkin so he really did look like a train driver!! My hillbilly!
The best bit of our afternoon in the Bailie was Jamie's game which his family play every Christmas. You get an After Eight (square mint chocolate) and place it on your forehead. You have to move your face so it slides down (with control!) and into your mouth. It is pretty hard and you look like an idiot and end up with chocolate all done your face but I have never laughed so hard! .. and I managed to do it!! Hooray! Nathan was in the shop across the road whilst we were in the pub and a guy was buying a packet as he'd seen us playing in the pub!! (he also probably heard us as we were pretty loud!) So much fun!!
Jamie showing us how it's done!!
Jamie, Nathan and Dan- it's the face movements that crack me up! and the chocolate on the face!
Wendy and Lorna watching as Emily attempts to play the After 8 game!
Wendy, Kirsty, Ed and Nathan outside the Bailie- it was beautifully decorated for the holidays.

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