Monday, 5 January 2009

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year Everyone!! I hope you had a wonderful festive season!

I had a great 2 weeks holiday and feel like I did a lot but it was all very relaxed which was great!

I think we are finally over our flu/ colds and looking forward to the New Year...

Nathan made me a lovely card for Christmas... (Martha Stewart he is not but it's the thought that counts!!) and inside he wrote that he thinks this will be our year!! His birthday is on the 11th day of the month and mine is in the 11th month... so his theory is that 2009= 2 + 9 = 11.... so we have to be lucky!! I don't know about his logic but I'm feeling positive!!

I have a few interviews lined up and some freelance jobs in the pipe line. So fingers crossed. If I don't get anything full time shortly I am thinking of setting up a business account and just going for it on the freelance front! (thinking of which I also need to sort out all my tax!!).. but we are thinking positive so back to nice thoughts!!!

I started to write out my New Years Resolutions the other day- it's a long list but I was so pleased over the weekend when on Saturday I managed to accomplish 4 in one day!!

I went to the gym with Nathan in the morning (only a gentle work out) but I was there... I calculated that last year I was a member for 10 months and I went twice- that's £220 a visit!!! Isn't that awful! Especially when I was having to tighten my purse strings elsewhere. So I am going to make up for it this year!!

Then we went to the Scottish National museum- that got two ticks- culture and a date with Nathan. Then afterwards we went to a cafe we hadn't been to before (-try new restaurants/ cafes) called Peter's Yard. They make artisan bread and cakes (very tasty!)

It was a great weekend all round but now I have to say I am pretty sad that the holidays are all over. I'm missing Nathan loads today. He was back to work this morning and cycled off at 8am- he had tried to get me to the gym at 6.30 this morning but that's a bit to much too soon!!

So here's to 2009 let's hope it's a happy, healthy and prosperous one!!

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