Monday, 5 January 2009

Picking up our Christmas Tree!

After last years fiasco of the tree falling down on New Years Eve I promised Nathan and myself that I would not get such a large tree... but I couldn't resist when we went to get it.

We had to squeeze it into Nathan's Mum's car. It took these photos as we have two pretty much identical ones from las year!! (it's become a bit of a tradition!)

We kept the height from last year- our tree is about 7 foot + but we didn't have such a heavy tree. There are less branches which I decided lent it's self to the Scandinavian look of this year's tree.

I used the white decorations from last year but added red and natural ornaments and I also made some gingerbread with icing and red and white ribbon. My favourite part was also the real candles like they had in the Victorian times. This is not the best photo but it was the first photo we took on the night we put it up. It was a bit of a stress getting it straight and to stay still but once we perceivered (thanks to Nathan) we got it right!

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Heidi said...

What a perfect tree...I can almost smell it!!