Friday, 9 January 2009

Eteaket Tea Room

I have a new favourite cafe or should I say tea room- Eteaket! It's only been open for 4 weeks and is fantastic! We drove past it at the beginning of the Christmas holidays so I thought I must try it- most of you know that I LOVE my cups of tea!

There are days when I have about 10 cups a day. Personally I blame my Grandma who introduced us to tea at a young age. When we stayed with her we would always wake early and make a cup of tea and sit by the fire. We'd each get a rich tea biscuit (cookie) to dip into our cuppa and my Grandma would dip hers in and then feed it to her 'lassie' dog who would sit at her feet on the sheepskin rug.

There is nothing better than tea out of a china cup and at eteaket they serve you a large boden teapot with milk jug, china cups and also a timer- so your tea is brewed just right!
I met Hannah there for an afternoon cup of tea... which was so reasonably priced or is it just that I am used to the price of coffee when I'm out and about?

I loved their decor as it was so fresh and different. So if you are in Edinburgh and looking for somewhere new to go I couldn't recommend it enough! I'm going back this Sunday to met my friend Julie from school- a fellow tea lover.
I loved this ball of holly, ribbons, baubles and flowers in their window- so striking!
The tea room is on fredrick street just underneath Charlie Miller's Hairdresser.

My mum joined Hannah and I after about an hour and she caught up with Hannah and then Mum and I went to the final day of the Gerhard Richter exhibition at the Mound.

I was really glad that I saw the exhibition as I enjoy a lot of his work. I prefer the more figurative photo-paintings but I even liked the abstract work- much to my surprise!

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Heidi said...

That little tea room sounds divine, cozy and just perfect...let's meet there tomoorow - he-he!!