Thursday, 8 January 2009

Family Visits and Parental Dinner!

The 26th of December is a holiday here. We call it Boxing day and until now I didn't realize why! But after looking up Wikipedia I have found out that "The name derives from the fact that the day is traditionally marked by the giving of Christmas boxes, or gifts, to service workers (such as service staff, postal workers and trades people) in the United Kingdom." So there you go- you learn something new everyday!

Anyway Nathan and I used the day to visit my Grandma. She has not been well since falling and breaking her hip back in September. Although she is 81 she is pretty independent and knows what she likes! We had a great visit and thankfully we were there as her building had a fire alarm- so with an arm each we helped my Grandma get down stairs- only to be told to go back up as it was just 'Betty who'd burnt her toast!' There was even a fire engine there- the works! Oops!

When I was visiting my Grandma in hospital in September/ October I was wearing one of my favourite scarfs- made of rabbit fur (sorry to all animal lovers!) and every time I'd cuddle her goodbye she'd snuggle into it. So I got her one for Christmas- she was delighted! She looks beautiful in the red scarf and it brings colour back to her cheeks! I love when you know you got the right gift! I wish I'd taken photos but I forgot my camera- not like me!!

Saturday the 27th we headed into town and spent some of our gift vouchers from my parents. Nathan got a beautiful Gant blazer- much smarter and preppier than the current hillbilly look he's been sporting (more about that in the next post!)

Then we headed home and I assisted in cooking dinner for my parents. Nathan made turkey risotto (with the left overs) and I made a delicious walnut, satsuma and cranberry salad to accompany it. Then Nathan triumphed at cooking partridge- neither of us had tried to accomplish this before. They were birds that our friend Dan's Dad had shot- so locally sourced! It was delicious and not too gamey! He made game chips (yummy crouton like crisps) as a side dish and we heated up the red cabbage I'd frozen earlier in the month. Then we had the last of Christmas Pudding no 1 for dessert. It was all delicious and we had a great evening.

I used the same theme that we had on Christmas Day for the table. It looks more effective!
Walnut, Satsuma and Cranberry Salad
I separated the last of the Christmas Pudding into these cute dishes that are oven proof. Our microwave kindly broke just before Christmas so there has been no quick heat ups! But I covered them with foil and they were delicious and just as moist as Christmas day!

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