Sunday, 11 January 2009

Tea Jennie, Gin Guzzler and Homemaker!

I've had a lovely weekend and as I get ready to rest my weary head I thought I'd do a 'quick' post before I start a hectic week!
Banana Bread
Yesterday, Saturday was such miserable weather and as Nathan was away on the west coast, back to playing after a long recovery for his knee ligament, I was left to potter around myself. I decided that as I will be busy over the next two weeks I would cook up a storm in the kitchen to prepare some meals ahead of time and also cut costs on lunches.So I made a couple of batches of cottage pie, a crumble which went in the freezer, lovely banana bread and Italian Glory Soup. My idea was the soup and banana bread could be for lunches this week but they are already pretty much gone! I also made homemade houmous and banoffee pie pots for dinner- very tasty!
I also had a good clean up of the lounge making sure all the pine needles from the Christmas tree are gone- the gaps in the wooden floor are full of them!! And I made our bathrooms gleam! I was very proud of my hard days work when Nathan returned in the evening! Domestic Goddess indeed!

[I love when my house is clean and tidy. I own too many things for it ever to be fully tidy and minimal. I have a constant battle with myself. I adore all my books, cooking utensils, tableware, craft things, stationary, shoes, clothes etc but I wish I could live with it all put away and everything in it's place. At the moment there is too much stuff for everything to have a place!!]

On Saturday Nathan was playing for the seconds team to ease himself in and gain his place back again. Both the seconds and firsts won so that means they go to the next round of the cup. In the league however they are not fairing so well especially as the teams closest to them on the table won this weekend! Let's hope they don't end up in the relegation zone!!

Then today I went and met Hannah at a new tea shop on Bread Street called Tea Tree Tea- I'm all about the tea shops at the moment!! It was great tea and has a very different offering to the Starbucks next door!

We then walked into town and had a look in the gorgeous lingerie boutique- Boudiche. I LOVE this shop! It is all so elegant and they look after you so well when you go in there. If you take your other half in they sometimes even offer them a wee whiskey and a seat to keep them amused or maybe to elevate the shock when the till is rung up! Since they had a sale on Hannah and I thought we'd take a peep but there was nothing in my size. There were however great reductions and they do have such beautiful underwear!!

I then went back to Eteaket, the fantastic tea room I was at last weekend, to meet up with my friend from school, Julie. I haven't seen her for AGES and it was so good to catch up on her news. It's funny how when you get together with friends you've known for a long time it is so easy to talk and it feels as if you only saw them yesterday.

After we'd had a good gossip and catch up Julie was telling me about the gin that her boyfriend Sam was promoting called Martin Millers. Well I LOVE my gin- Hendricks is my favourite. Good Scottish Gin! I love it's blossomy distinctive taste! You serve Hendricks with a slice of cucumber instead of lime and I adore when you get to the bottom of your glass and can eat the gin soaked cucumber slice (I am actually sounding a bit like I have a problem!!)Anyways Julie took me to Ricks, a bar in Fredrick Street just down from Eteaket to try a Millers gin and I have to say I was not displeased! We stayed for a couple and then I had to get home to organize myself for this week. (How glad was I that I'd made my cottage pie for tea yesterday!)

So all in all a great weekend. Catching up with old friends, drinking tea and gin but not at the same time and getting the house in order.

For the next 17 days I am working on a Government project for the Healthy Living Campaign. We are going to the Cooperative stores throughout Scotland handing out information on having a healthier lifestyle. I am looking forward to it as I get to work with Abby who I was with on the St Andrew's Do activity last year.

The highlight (which sadly Abby can't be there for) is a trip to two stores on Orkney. Orkney is a Scottish Island far off the mainland. I have never been but I am really looking forward to it.

And speaking of healthier lifestyles I have made it to the gym twice this week!! Same number as all 10 months I had my membership last year!! Hooray!


Vicki said...

Jennie, I can't wait to get all those recipies!! They always look so wonderful. Thanks for the sweet suprise in the mail. You are always so thoughtful. Hugs

Heidi said...

Sounds like a delightful weekend dear Jennie!!! I just wish I could watch you in the kitchen - you are QUITE talented you domestic goddess you !!