Monday, 5 January 2009

Our Christmas Feast!

Nathan and I were both amazed at how relaxed and calm it was when we were preparing our food. We had to remind ourselves that there were only the two of us so it wasn't too difficult plus we decided to stay in our pajamas all day so we didn't have to worry about getting dressed whilst cooking either!!
I love laying lovely tables and Christmas was no exception. I used our everyday plates as my inspiration and I managed to find crackers to match in the Pier (which has sadly now closed!)
My Dad laughed when he heard I'd made name cards- as he said- is that just encase you forget where you are sitting!! But it added to the look! With the red suede reindeer head card holders and then reindeer napkins with reindeer napkin holders. The main theme was the circles so I scattered multi coloured mini bells around the table and filled shot glasses with peanut m&m's as our favour!
Our first course was tomato and pesto soup- so easy and quick to make and very tasty!
Nathan's culinary seafood delight! I loved the detail he put into his presentation!! So cute!
This was one of my favourite side dishes. I'm not a big sprout fan but it was delicious! Sprouts with chestnuts and bacon... yummy!
Our turkey was a triumph! Even if we do say so ourselves!! (it looks a little pink here- think that's just the photo though!) It was so tender and juicy! We had loads left over which was great!

We laid all the side dishes on the table so we could help ourselves! I was really pleased with my cranberry sauce that I'd made ahead of time but not so much with the bread sauce!
It is traditional to pour lit brandy over your Christmas pudding once you've steamed it. It took us a few attempts to do this and a phone call to my Dad (he's always the pudding lighter in my parents house!) We didn't realize that you are meant to heat the brandy before you try and light it!! The pudding was a huge success!! Not too heavy and def one I will make again! I can't believe we ate so much food!! Later on Nathan even found room for a cheese course!!

In my parents house we have always had a tradition of having candles on the tree as well as fairy lights. This is how the Victorians would decorate their trees. I found some special tree candle holders that clip onto the branches this year.
So we started our own tradition. After our dinner whilst our tummy's settled we lit the candles and watched as they made the tree look magical!! It was a wonderful Christmas day and one I know we will look back on with very fond memories in years to come!!

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Heidi said...

Everything sounds so magical - I love how you two work in the kitchen together. I think that is really special!