Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Healthy Living campaign

A picture of me in store handing out bags for life with information on Healthy Living and fridge magnets with the healthy living messages- try to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Put fruit on top of your cereal. Tinned, frozen or fresh fruit counts towards your five a day. Swap to wholemeal bread and many more!

Well I feel like I've been away for months!! It's only been 2-3 weeks but boy has this campaign taken it out of me!
I've been getting up at 6am to make my porridge for breakfast- with fruit on top (one of my five a day!) and then I've also been making a coffee or tea in a thermos cup to take with me and then heating up some weightwatchers or other healthy soup in a flask for lunch... it's been like a military operation but I've needed to do it... for my health and for the money! Working on the road is so expensive if you are buying your breakfast and lunch every day and if you are not careful you just eat rubbish! But if I'm telling the great Scottish public about healthy living I thought I should be doing the same!!

The healthy living campaign has gone really well. We have been travelling all over Scotland and have seen some amazing places. For the first two weeks I was getting to come home every night but now I've been away since last Thursday. (and I'm missing Nathan!!)
It was quite exciting last week as we had some local press in two of the small towns we were in come and take photos of the campaign... I will have to see if I can get a copy of the papers to put on my blog!

I spent the first two weeks with a lovely girl Abby who I worked with on another government campaign last year but for the last 5 days my friend Corinne has joined me as Abby had a family celebration to return for. And it's worked out well as now we are in Orkney. Orkney is 6 hours ferry ride from Aberdeen on the main land and it was so choppy getting over here! It is a beautiful place and the people are lovely! I have never been here before and we are excited as it's our first day off... I have not had a day off for 2 weeks! So it's great that I'm with a friend and we are going to go on some adventures today!

I have so much other news but I need to get going now.

Corinne has her laptop with her so I'll try and get it all done and updated tonight.

Big hugs to the world out there from a sunny Orkney! x

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Heidi said...

So FUN...I LOVE your life!!!