Thursday, 8 January 2009

New Year's Resolutions!

Saturday 3rd January 2009!

Well I was so pleased about my Saturday as I managed to achieve 4 resolutions in one day!

1. Actually use my gym membership!
Nathan and I spent the morning in the gym. I didn't push myself too much but it was good!

2. Have more lovely dates with Nathan
We spent the whole day together doing fun activities!

3. Visit Museums and Art Galleries
We went to the National Museum of Scotland which was really interesting and had beautiful views of the castle and the city from their rooftop.

4. Try new restaurants/ cafes
After the museum we went to Peter's Yard a new artisan bread and pastry cafe (I mentioned it in my blog the other day) Yum!
The view of the castle at sunset from the roof of the National Museum of ScotlandNathan on the roof of the museum looking onto the castle.
After we had been to Peter's Yard we walked down the Mound to see if the German Market was still there but it had already been packed up. The Highland Market was still up as was the ice rink but since Nathan missed training due to his bad knee we didn't think his coach would appreciate him ice skating! Princes Street Gardens looked so beautiful with all the lights in the trees!
A passer by took this photo of us and felt the need to take a full length photo (which isn't easy with Nathan!) but hey this way you can see my new Christmas gifts- Hobbs cords and peeping out are my new brown boots from LKBennet (thank you Mum and Dad!!)
Cheesy grins for the camera! Looking into Princes Street Gardens and onto the Balmoral.
I love when we make the most of the amazing city that we live in! It's hard to make time but when you do it's so worth it! Millions of people come here to visit every year and I want to make sure we don't miss out on the wonder that is on our doorstep!

So here's to keeping up with these and my other new years resolutions!

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