Thursday, 8 January 2009

Girlie Dinner!

Friday the 2nd of January!

I had a lovely evening with the Dundee girlies. Lynne and her husband Rhys were across from Ireland to stay with his family for Christmas so came down for the day to visit the girlies. Emma B was also up from London to stay with her family and came to Edinburgh on the way back again.

I hadn't seen Emma G since before I'd had the flu so we had a good catch up and Hillary and I got to exchange Christmas gifts- she gave me the best recipe book on cupcakes- they are so creative so watch this space!!

After drinks at Emma and Sean's (who have the warmest house ever- hence my warm cheeks in the photo!- or maybe it's just that Nathan and I live in an igloo so I'm not used to it!..) we went to my favourite restaurant in Edinburgh The Outsider- I love their 'Chunky Healthy Lines' (tasty food on skewers) they are so good! You can have them as a starter to share or as a main all to yourself! (that's what I did!) and it was good!!

We returned to the warmest house in Edinburgh after dinner for more glasses of vino but with an early dinner the evening came to an end about 10.30- what's with all these early nights!!?

The girlies are planning to go down to London for Emma B and Hillary's birthday's at the end of February so I am hoping I will have enough money to go too! (fingers crossed!)

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