Thursday, 8 January 2009

Monday 29th December- After moving the final items out of my storage unit first thing in the morning Nathan and I joined my Mum, Dad, Becky and Dougie at the Musselburgh races New Years meet.

We did this 2 years ago as a family day out and it was a lot of fun. The first time we went together Nathan's Mum and Dad joined us but they were still on holiday in Thailand this year.

We had a great day and Nathan and I pretty much broke even. My mum was the only one who won anything of note- mind you Becky, Dougie, Nathan and I were only betting £2 each way for most races! Although Nathan and I had a good winning system going of betting exactly what we won spread over 2 horses- so the bookie was having to deal with bets of £2.27 each way- clearly I'm not a seasoned veteran of the horses!! But we had a good giggle!
Nathan and I all wrapped up from the bitter cold!
My Mum and DadBecky and Dougie
The boys analyzing the horses- Becky and I were picking the horse by the name we liked or the jockey's colours we preferred!
Family shot! - why Nathan, who is much taller than everyone anyway, felt the need to stand on the highest step is beyond me!! We are not really all that small! Although I'm liking that I don't look like the smallest for once!
After the races we drove down to Gullane for dinner. This was the view over the golf course. The old clubhouse where we had dinner.
I've been loving the log fires this holiday! It made it so cosy and festive!

A great day out and one that will hopefully continue as a fun tradition but with better luck next year!!

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