Monday, 5 January 2009

Christmas Morning!

Our tree with lots of exciting presents under it on Christmas Eve.. and a glass of milk and cookies laid out for when Nathan returned from dinner.
The Living Room on Christmas Morning and the table laid out for our breakfast! (I love Chocolate Coins! I used to eat loads of them even before my breakfast when I was little!)

Last year and for a few years previous I have always felt like I have been running around like crazy on Christmas Day.

Last year Nathan and I had Christmas Day morning in the flat and then I dropped him at his parents and visited my Grandad and then I went to my own parents for dinner with my family. Returning to Nathan's parents after dinner for a visit and finally bringing Nathan back to my family home to finish the evening off before we went home!! It was so busy and flew by!

So this year with Nathan's parents away in Thailand and the Far East for the holidays we decided to be very selfish and have Christmas Day just the two of us!!

I had dinner with my family on Christmas Eve as Nathan was out with his boys from school. They have a traditional Christmas Eve dinner every year. It was really nice to be together with my parents and Becky and Dougie and we all had a lovely toast.

On Christmas morning I was pretty tired after my late night mirror painting so we didn't open presents till about midday.
We never even used the lovely table for our breakfast of ham and cheese croissants with bucks fizz (champagne and orange juice!)
Nathan and I's presents for each other.... me looking quite sleepy! We are always pretty sensible when it comes to presents for each other we don't spend a lot but always give thoughtful little gifts! My favourite gift from Nathan this year were electronic kitchen scales... they even measure fluid oz using advanced technology!! (I think I'm getting very old that I'm excited by that!!) Nathan's parents were really generous to us and I felt very spoilt!
This was the large surprise present we got from my Mum and Dad. Back in March when my Mum and I were in the Conran shop picking out Nathan's digital radio for his birthday I saw and lusted after this clock!! I was so surprised when I opened it up. It is by Milan-based designer Pascal Tarabay. The cute cuckoo bird can be hushed during night hours thanks to a small sensor that knows when the lights are off (and a bird call is unwelcome). When the lights are on, you can choose whether the bird pops out with a boisterous call or a gentle, softer tone—just what you need to wake you for a busy day.

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Heidi said...

Oh that clock is so awesome!! I can't wait to see where you hang it!
Looks like you had the perfect Christmas day!!