Wednesday, 6 August 2008

ARRAN- Saturday night!

On the Saturday evening we all went down to the beach where some of the group had set up a camp for the evening. They built a large fire and provided us all with seating, from logs. It was the same beach us girls had paddled in the day before (but a lot less windy, thank goodness!)

Even the two little children on our trip joined in. Wee Christopher was quite a master at stone throwing!! I think there was not a peeble left around us by the time he went off to bed!!
Whilst our group were out cycling for the day some of the others hired a fishing boat and went on a wee water adventure. They managed to catch loads of fish- mostly mackerel.
Below: James Reast caught a lovely fish (which he was very proud of!!)
The guys cooked all the fish on the fire and another group had gone to butchers for lamb, burgers and sausages and these were cooked on disposable BBQs (not quite so rustic!) It was a massive feast!!

I thought that Rick Stein (writer/ chef who is well known for his fish recipes) would have been very proud of Jess' set up- lemon, herbs and butter on a plank/ table!We even had dessert! If we had any room left!! Stevie and Helen made us Eton Mess with fresh fruit and cream!! No that's what I call a beach BBQ!!

I'm not quite sure what it is that fascinates guys about building bonfires!! A lot of their evening was spent collecting firewood on the beach but then they had to take it too a whole new level!!

We all sat on the beach until about 12.30 ish... when we had to find our way back to the hotel with the aid of one torch!!! (Not very bright that we didn't bring more!) But I guess it added to the fun and games of the evening!! It was so much fun and a true summers evening enjoying the beauty that Scotland has to offer!! In landscape as well as food!!


A said...

Just thought I'd let you know I love reading about your adventures in the United Kingdom! I've been reading for a few weeks now and wanted to say hi! Much love from Texas=)

Heidi said...

What an experience...I felt like I was there (wish I was). Those are the moments that life is about. You seriously have the best holidays!! I love the pictures of the lemon and are quite the photographer my dear!