Monday, 18 August 2008

Central Library!

Well the first week of August I took full advantage of the council tax that I pay and I joined the local library!!
My Dad doesn't have a computer at home, unless he brings his work computer home.. so I now can get access to the internet for free!! Hooray!! It takes so long to upload any photos for the blog (hence I've been a bit slow!) but it is really helping with the job hunt!
It is also a beautiful building!
I used to come here to look at the reference art books when I was in school.. and going really far back every Saturday my Dad used to bring my sister and I up to the children's library- I loved looking round all the stories and so the library has some good memories...
And I figure... after looking at all the books that I packed into storage once I have read most of my books (unless I lend them to friends) they just gather dust on the shelves or take up space in storage!! So this way I save myself money and I also don't cause any more clutter!! It's win win!!

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Heidi said...

Enchanting...I have never seen such a beautiful library!! Have I ever told you that I think you live the most fabulous life??!!