Monday, 4 August 2008


It seems like at least a month ago now but last weekend (Thursday 24th- Sunday 27th July) we took a trip with 19 other friends, and friends of friends to the Isle of Arran, just off the West Coast of Scotland. Every year our friend Mike organizes a trip somewhere in Scotland with his friends from school and their partners/ girlfriends wives etc and he was kind enough to invite us this year. It was so much fun spending time with good friends and meeting new friends! Everyone in the group was a lot of fun!

It was planned like a military operation but meant that we got the most out of our four days! We did so much during the day- all in smaller groups and then came together as a massive group at night!Mike McLellan, our chief organizer!!

Now the weather in Scotland can be very unpredictable- four seasons in one day! But we had great weather for about 90% of our trip! I even got a suntan!! Hooray!!

The photo at the top of the post is our car ferry heading to the island- the mountain in the background was climbed by some of the group including Nathan on the Friday (see below, pictured outside our hotel before they set off with one of the hotel's dogs).

Myself and some of the girls went to the beach instead for some paddiling and then looked round a gorgeous castle on the island and had some afternoon tea! Much more civilised if you ask me!! Although their photos from the top of Goat Fell look amazing!!

I remembered visiting Brodick castle with my Dad when my sister and I were younger and it didn't dissapoint from my memories. The gardens were so beautiful!

Hillary has some photos that she took of me in my own wee world photographing all the plants and gardens... lagging behind the rest of the group!!

We had such a relaxing Friday and it was much needed!!

On the Friday night we all got together and hired a bus to the main town on the island for dinner at Creelers (a fish restuarant) Everyone was there including the two little children that were on the trip.

We had a good laugh but most people were exhausted from their day... on the way back though we stopped off for one drink at the local bar/ night club! What an experience and it certainly livened up the evening!!Hillary, Hannah and I in the local nightclub! Having lots of fun dancing away on the conservatory dance floor!! Below: Some of the boys having a giggle. Bottom: The girlies on the trip (Minus the Mummy's who'd taken the children to bed after dinner)

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Heidi said...

Wow - what a blast, sounds like heaven. I can't imagine the beauty of that castle!!