Monday, 18 August 2008

International Festival Cavalcade

On the first Sunday of the International Festival the Cavalcade takes place. My Sister and I were always taken to the Parade by my Grandparents when we were younger. We used to jostle to the front and reach our hands out for the sweets that they'd throw out from the floats... there are not as many floats now but just as many amazing troups and processions... there are many nationalities represented and all the colours are amazing.

Ed and Nathan were like grumpy old men. They gave up watching the parade half way through and sat on this bench the rest of the time. I have to say though it wasn't quite as exciting as I remembered from my childhood!! But then most things aren't... it was still a fun day out!!

Wendy, Me and Hillary after the cavalcade ended... we should have really been on this side of the street the whole time to take more picturesque photos, with the castle behind!!

Whenever my Grandparents took us to the Cavalcade we always got ice-cream after- whether from the ice cream van that went past their house or from a sweetie shop. So I insisted that we all got ice cream as our dessert! This huge banana split arrived at our table for Nathan! Delicious!

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Heidi said...

I would have given my right arm to be present for that parade!! I just love every element of these pictures!! Breathtaking!!