Monday, 18 August 2008

Job Update!

Well I have finally got a chance to sit down and have a good go at updating all my posts!!

I am SO behind!!

But before I do the updating here is a little summary!

Before I went off to Ireland for the wedding I had a couple of interviews and I was quite successful! When I arrived back from Ireland I had one day to prepare a presentation for a second interview on Friday morning!! It was pretty hard going!!

I spent all of last Thursday in my Dad's office with my head down trying to get through the work. But I guess it was worth it as I have been asked back to the final interview.... I am now one of 2!!!! So there is a 50% chance!! I am very nervous!! But I have my fingers crossed!!

The role is more towards the sales side of my experience but it sounds like such a challanging role... it's a new role so is a blank canvas!! I love that!! So we will see!!

So I'm now back in my Dad's office today trying to update my presentation so it's even better with more information!!

Then also to keep you up to date I am then off to London for two weeks to work for the company my Mum works for... Martha Schwartz Partners.... Their Marketing woman is going on sabatical and they had a guy to replace her but he pulled out at the last minute so I am going to fill in for a few weeks.... It should be a great experience!!
London Commercial District
So I'm off tomorrow on the early train and won't be back for a couple of weeks... exciting stuff!!

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Heidi said...

Can't wait to hear the news!!!