Monday, 18 August 2008

Dinner with Becky and Amber

Tuesday 29th July- Becky and Amber went to get Amber's wedding dress fitted and alterations made to Becky's bridesmaid dress.

Afterwards I met up with them and we went to First Coast for some tasty food.. I had a great stir fry! So good!!

I'm going to miss Amber as a neighbour when she moves to London but I know Beck is going to miss her even more! They work together, gym together... and incase you can't see it in the photo- everywhere we go they get mistaken as sister's!! They are so similar... except Amber is petite and Becky's really tall!!

Amber's wedding to David is September 14th in London and then she'll be Mrs Goldapple!! What a great last name!!

So it was great to catch up and make the most of what little time she will still be up here for!!

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