Monday, 18 August 2008

The Edinburgh Festival

1st August 2008

Well it's August so the Edinburgh Festival has began!! The total madness and extreme craziness of crowds etc has started!! .. and it will go on for the rest of the month.

The population must go up by hundreds of thousands!!

I went up to the Royal Mile to get Parking vouchers for our visitors and the hustle and bustle was so exciting!!

They close off the Royal Mile/ High Street and there are loads of street preformers and stalls and thousands of tourists!! They also have loads of people handing out fliers for their particular Festival Show!! There is such a buzz!!

My picture shows a banner on the high street with St Giles behind it... a large Cathedral on the Royal Mile.

I don't think I will be doing that much at the festival this year (it can cost alot!) But last year I did it proparly! I lived in the Grassmarket with Hannah (which is so central) so I went to about 15+ shows. I saw some amazing dance! Great comedy and really good Drama.

My friend Kristin was also over visiting so I took her to some shows and exhibitions... she really enjoyed it and got a kick out of the atmosphere!

If you want to know more then click here for the festival website. And click here for the Fringe website. The Fringe is the part of the festival that most people are familair with. Hey maybe you can come visit this time next year!! It's the city at it's best!

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