Thursday, 28 August 2008

Lily West Floristry Course

At the beginning of August I started another floristry course at Susan's florist- Lily West, West Port, Edinburgh. Click here to see her website.

I was so excited as this month it was wedding flowers- table decorations, bouquets and boutineers (not sure if that's spelt right!?)

Sadly because I had Emma and Sean's wedding I knew I would be missing one class out of the four but I ended up missing three as I came down to London.

So here is the beautiful photo of my table decoration from the first and only week!

Susan's approach to flower arranging is to put the greenery in first so you really fill up your display. Then you put in the largest flowers and then work down to the smaller. She also loves to put in embellishments (notice the giant pearls poking out from the flowers)

I lov this look with the bright pink vase and the antique roses. It looks so shabby chic! Just my style!

Also I think it would be great for a wedding as you could gave them away to the guests- mother's, grandmother's, aunts and they would keep for at least a week afterwards!

I won't make any of the classes in Spetember as I will still be down in London but I hope to go back later in the year. It is the highlight of my week and lights up a usually boring Tuesday night!

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