Monday, 18 August 2008

mmmm.. this might be why!!

Well I have been doing really well with my MBT walking and although my legs seem to be a little more toned I was questioning why it hadn't been as miraculous as I would have liked!!

Whilst I was sitting starring at my morning treat I began to realise why!!

I have taken to walking to Starbucks and back so that I can get a coffee (I'm a tall Americano, no milk, no sugar- just black) .. so there is no/little calories in that... but in the last few weeks I am so hungry by the time I walk there I want a snack!!

Nothing wrong with that but when I got home I looked up the nutritional value... yikes!!

350kcal per Sicilian lemon muffin; 18g of fat of which 5.4g are saturated fat!!

So this will be becoming much more of an infrequent treat from now on!!

1 comment:

Heidi said...

A morning walk to Starbucks...mmmmm - sounds like my kind of morning. The muffin looks divine too!!!